Grinding is a crucial step in the production process. Therefore, we take great care over the grinding in order to achieve the best possible finished product. Even the smallest scratches and pits caused by rust are removed as far as possible. The object is ground several times with increasingly finer bands.
The surface and the thickness of the underlying material determine the roughness of the grinding band that can be used during the first step. The object is ground until the surface has the desired characteristics in order to apply the finish or decorative layer.

When preparing new products, it’s often better to grind the components separately before they are assembled or welded. This results in a better product and lower grinding costs. Restoration of objects always requires the ground material to be ground. The conditions for a beautiful result are that all parts can be reached easily and that there is enough material left. Thanks to the vast experience we have acquired over the years we are also able to offer you sound advice on this subject.

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