Our History

Metamorfose was founded by Barend Linskens. Already in his teens, he was fascinated by fast mopeds, rough motorcycles and classic cars. Why that was, he then couldn’t yet tell. After high-school he found a job as a grinder within a small company. There he discovered that the passion for refurbishment of old and worn materials was in his blood. Diligently he worked with this company for several years.

Early 90s, conditions for the company became increasingly difficult, due to the increasing competition among others. Unfortunately, the owner of the company wasn’t able to avoid a bankruptcy. Barend Linskens, ambitious as he was, took the plunge and took over the machines and the remaining customers. He was convinced that there was a chance of success for a company that did things differently than others. A company with a focus on quality and service. That was in 1991, when Metamorfose was born.

From the beginning Barend Linskens built up a clientele. And not without success: soon he had to look for expansion of his personnel. Nowadays, Metamorfose has four employees and Barend Linskens concentrates mainly on the business. Customers originate from all over the Netherlands, and also German and Belgian customers know how to reach Metamorfose better and better. The main reason? The high quality and great service. Because that is what Metamorfose is based upon. And that will also be the basis for success the years ahead.

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